Snoring during sleep is very common. If the intensity of snoring gets so high that it really disturbs you and your bed partner, then something should be done of course. Snoring can be controlled to a great extent by using anti snoring devices which can be kept in your mouth. Wondering what are anti-snoring mouthpieces? Here is the source of some really useful information.

How to choose the best mouthpiece for you? With inputs from professionals at, here is a quick guide to help you out.

Treatment for snoring
Snoring can be treated medically. Pharmaceutical and surgical measures are available. But these measures are not risk-free. Side effects of the drugs also create trouble.

You can also go for self-help measures such as chin straps, nasal sprays, etc. But none of these guarantee a long-term solution simply because they do not deal with the exact reason that is an obstruction in your airway.

Compared to these treatments, anti-snoring mouthpieces are far advantageous. The basic principle of all types of mouthpieces is the same. They prevent snoring by moving the lower jaw and tongue forwards. This helps in opening up the airway of your throat.

Types of available anti snoring mouthpieces

1. Mandibular Advancement Device
They are similar to the mouth guards that sportspersons use. They help you by holding your lower jaw forward while sleeping.

2. Tongue stabilizing device
This device holds the tongue forward using the principle of suction. Go for this if you are wearing full dentures.

Mouthpieces are available in a single size which fits all. You can also go for a custom made one with the help of a dental professional. Choose the noncustom one if you need an affordable short term solution. Otherwise, go for the custom version.

Custom made one has higher success rates as it is designed to meet your needs. So consider these points. Choose the best one!

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