Online shopping has slowly evolved as a popular method of purchasing products and goods over the years. With more and more customers preferring to shop from the comfort of their homes, it is only natural for the industry to be ready to offer this on a platter. Although several e-commerce platforms exist all over the world, Amazon has been able to capture the majority of the market with its sheer perseverance and excellent service. This is the reason why programs like ASM8 have become popular among online entrepreneurs. According to the experts at, it has become crucial to include personal branding in order to move up in the e-commerce world.

The internet has become a popular way to make money online. There are only three legit ways actually to accomplish this task. Let’s take a look at how they work:

· Advertising
Anyone who has a blog or a YouTube channel, an Instagram account, Snapchat account, etc., can use them to make money online. All they need to do is increase the number of followers and start placing advertisements on the websites. The ads placed on your website or blog needs to be clicked by the visitor to become active. Each click generates a fixed amount of money, so the more the number of visitors to your website, the more money you make. AdSense by Google is an easy way to start making money by putting advertisements up on your blog or website. At the end of the day, online advertisement is a great way to make money online.

· Affiliate Marketing
This particular type of marketing is very popular among the youth today. The first step is to create a huge follower base and then start recommending products to your followers. This increase the sale of the products affiliated with you and helps you earn a commission from the sellers. Another way of going about it is by featuring products on your website and even getting a payment directly from the sellers. Many home makers have used this method to make a sizeable income. Instagram accounts are often used by people to recommend product or offer reviews to their followers.

· Drop Shipping
This particular method requires a lot more time and hard work than the other two methods mentioned above. It basically involves setting up an e-commerce website from scratch and showcasing different products from different sellers. You only need to order the product from the manufacturer once the order has been placed by a customer, making it easier for you to manage your stock. Since you do not need to deal with any inventory or shipping issues, the money invested by you will also be on the lower side. Interestingly, the FBM or the Fulfillment By Amazon option available on the Amazon website is similar to drop–shipping. However, some capital needs to be invested initially in buying products from the manufacturers and sending them to an Amazon run warehouse. After that, Amazon will take care of ensuring that the product reaches the customer on time.

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