Smart Shoes For The Smart Women

smart shoes

Current lifestyle and hectic schedule put exercise in the backseat for several women. No fancy gyms or health spas, regular brisk walking for a few minutes provides your body the much-needed relief from stress. Put on the best walking shoes for women and you will reap the benefits as stated by health experts at

When setting out to buy a pair of walking shoes, follow these tips for a wise and well-informed purchase.

1. Choose a convenient store
Shop at a footwear store that has several brands and price ranges of walking shoes. You should also have the freedom to walk around the store so you can feel the fit of the shoes. There are several online stores that sell good quality running shoes. Consider your personal choices and shop for the best fit.

2. Try the shoes with the socks on
Wear the socks that you would normally wear for walking, and check the comfort of the shoes. The best time of the day to shop for shoes is in the evening when your feet is slightly swollen after all the walking.

3. Put your best feet forward
Measure your feet while you stand up. In cases where one foot is slightly bigger than the other, take the measurement of the larger foot.

4. Check your arch type
Buy walking shoes that fit your arch type- low arch, high or neutral types. If required, you might have to buy an extra pair of arch support. Check with your podiatrist if there is any confusion.

5. Choose comfort over fashion
Women must put comfort over fashion when purchasing a pair of walking shoes. It is advised that you try on both the shoes and walk a distance in the store. Your heel should fit comfortably inside and there must be sufficient space in near your toes. Your feet should be able to ‘breathe’ without developing blisters or cracks.

If you have slightly broad feet, it is best to go for men or boy’s running shoes. Ensure that your shoes are comfortable without any feeling of discomfort or pain. A good pair of shoe will never let you down. There are no cracks or blackened toenails after the usage.

6. Choose low heeled types
For all walking or running routine, doctors advise that you buy flat heeled and breathable shoes. Check for any wear and tear or pain in your heels after a few months of use. Depending on the intensity of your workout, you have to replace the old pair of shoes with a new pair.

Another secret is to own three or four pairs of running shoes. You can choose one pair for a day, and switch to the next and so on. If you haven’t noticed, most shoe manufacturers discontinue a model or change the style and pattern just when you have got used to them.

With several pairs of shoes, you can avail the full benefits without running to the store to buy a new one.